Social Media Marketing – Free Internet Marketing For Home Based Business

Are you looking for free Internet marketing for your business? If so, by reading this article you’ll learn how social media marketing is the solution for you. Social media marketing is a method of free Internet marketing; the only cost is some time learning the how-to’s of it all. Not only does this marketing method offer a dirt cheap way to market your business, it solves a host of other problems for the home based business owner, such as finding and connecting with a target market, overcoming social isolation, and finding networking opportunities. So begin saving your pennies by reading here.

Building a home based business without much cash is a challenge. It’s hard to find customers when you can’t pay for the traditional splashy advertising. Heck, paying for a simple yellow page ad when there are now twenty different yellow page books is a financial impossibility! You know there has to be a way to keep your business afloat without breaking the bank, and you have heard a little about free Internet marketing for your business.

Social media marketing offers a budget friendly solution for your business. Bottom line: it is a dirt cheap way to find customers and entice them to visit your online business centers (i.e., website, blog, or contact page). Social media is the network of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter et al where lots of people are joining up to socialize and find good information. It is free to join most of these sites and it is free to post information and friendly advice once you join. If you are providing a trail of information that your target customer wants, they will find your info and follow that info back to your online presence.

This is called attraction marketing and it pairs up nicely with social media marketing. It’s like scattering breadcrumbs on a path. The breadcrumbs are bits of valuable info, advice, and tips scattered throughout social media sites, and the path leads back to your Internet “home” site where you are selling product or services. The result is interested traffic to your Internet site which is what every online business needs to thrive.

Another plus to using social media marketing is that it keeps you from becoming socially isolated. A lot of home based business owners get a little crazy staring at the same four walls every day. And your walls may not change if you use online social networking, but the company you keep inside those walls will change. You’ll begin to grow a host of Internet friends and this can provide a refreshing contact with the larger world. It’s fun to see what others are writing and video-posting out there.

Social media also provides opportunities to network with other business owners and develop joint venture business. It’s not just customers on the Internet, it’s your fellow business owners, too. You can connect with like-minded business owners and share small business war stories and helpful advice. Sometimes, it really lifts your mood to talk with another business owner who is having a great day, or maybe you’ll find someone who has solved a business problem in a unique way that you can leverage. In the process of meeting business owners, you might find that your services or products are complimentary and it can lead to a joint venture you might never have imagined.

To get into the big leagues with your business, you need to network and find opportunities to joint venture with other business owners and social media marketing can help you do that. Social media marketing is also great for keeping you connected to other human beings even though you work from home. Every business needs to control costs while adding customers and social media marketing can help you there. I know you want to save money, because that’s just part of the life for a small business owner. Explore this method of free Internet marketing and you’ll have another penny saved.

The 7 Home Building Mistakes

1. Finding a Home Builder with … Passion!

Do not make the largest purchase of your life, without doing your homework. If you are ready to build your dream home, you must invest the time, to learn more about the Home Builders in your area.

Before you make a final decision on who will be building your dream home, do your research. As in any industry, not all professionals are the same. Not all home builders will have the same passion for the project as you do.

“Home Builders with Passion” – In every town, there are always a few Home Builders that are so passionate about their craft, that every home they build is a “Work of Art”.

Their attention to detail, and continuous learning of new real estate construction ideas, ensure that they will always be at the top of their industry. Every home of theirs is a “Signature Piece”, reflecting the values of their company.

When you first meet a “Home Builder with Passion”, you will notice their charm, and keen listening skills. They are very similar to a great doctor. Their focus will be entirely on listening to the patient, or you the home buyer. They will have many questions, which will help them diagnose or determine your needs.

Once they understand your needs and desires… Hang On. They will begin a presentation of ideas and possibilities that will astound you. You will tour some of their previous projects, to see first hand their quality and dramatic ideas.

Their passion for their craft, and desire to build the best home each time will take you back. You will sense that they are more, than just a Home Builder. Their love of the Home Building Profession, and the pride they have in their homes will be evident. Now, the hard part, finding a “Home Builder with Passion”.

To find your “Home Builder with Passion”, you will have to do your homework. Begin by asking for referrals from friends, subcontractors in the housing industry, Interior Designers, Architects and anyone who has recently built.

Look in the Yellow Pages under Home Builders. Also, look in the real estate ads under New Real Estate Developments and New Home Construction. Next, get in the car and take a trip. Drive to some of these new subdivisions and developments.

Think of yourself as a Judge in a Parade of Homes. What is unique about each home, that is visually appealing. You are looking for clues in Unique Design and Architecture. One of the “Secrets to Great Curb Appeal” in a new home, is the importance of “Staggered Visual Lines”. Square boxes are not visually interesting, without another visual dimension added to it. Our eyes and our emotion, love to focus on… curves, angles, depth, texture, and color tones.

Take detailed notes on which style is appealing and why? Note the names of each builder. If there are workers on the job site, get out and talk to them. Who do they think is a Home Builder with Passion in your area? They love to share their thoughts. The best “Out of the Box” idea would be to bring along some donuts or snacks. A couple dozen donuts is pretty cheap, and can earn you a lot of goodwill, opening up conversations on Home Builders in your area. Note – Be sure to pick a time when they are on break or eating.

Next, pick up the phone, call to set up an appointment to meet with a number of Home Builders. Remember, great Home Builders are waiting for your call. They love to talk about what they do.

When you meet with the Home Builder, listen to their story. How are they different from the other Home Builders in the area? What is unique about their company? Ask about the materials they use. What are some of their favorite floor plans, and why? Ask to view some of their previous homes. How do they capture trends from around the world and New Home Building Construction Ideas? Do they travel to other cities? Do they attend “National Home Builders Conventions”, where many new products and new construction ideas are introduced to Home Builders, Architects and Interior Designers? Also, what were some of their biggest Home Building mistakes? This is an important question, to get a sense of their humility. What are they doing different now and why?

Again, you are looking for someone who can listen and incorporate … your needs. They must have Unique Home Design Ideas, and have a reputation in the community for building quality homes. The interview process will be a large investment of your time. Do not rush this step! You want to meet a number of Home Builders in your area. Sometimes, after a few meetings, you will begin to sense, who should build your dream home. Your homework is beginning to payoff!

Important – do not make your decision on the lowest bid. Almost anyone can make various cuts to lower their final estimate. Pricing is important, but do not be fooled by the lowest bid. You are looking for Quality Construction, Dramatic Ideas, and… Value.

Rapport is so important in the building process. You will be working together for the next 4 to 18 months, so it is important to partner with someone that can address your needs and concerns. You will soon begin to notice that, “Home Builders with Passion”, are usually the most charming too. There ability to balance your enthusiasm for the perfect home and the realities of building are what make them so unusual.

Finally, coordinating the details of a real estate construction project is not an easy task. New design changes and problems can arise everyday. How these issues are handled, can determine the final effect of the project.

Remember, when you are choosing the builder for your Dream Home, always work with a “Home Builder with Passion”.

2. Saving Money On Your Lot? … Maybe Not

If you are saving money on your lot today, you will have to pass this savings on tomorrow. The Number One Rule is … go heavy on you lot purchase. This is Critical!

Rarely, will you find a good deal on a lot. Great location comes at a price. If you are talking to a Home Builder who is promoting one of their lots, make sure you have done your homework and thoroughly analyzed the other available building lots in the area.

Do not make you decision based on price alone. Look at the other homes that are in or will be built near your location. Are they in the same price range? Are there water issues in the area? What are the current and future traffic patterns? What is the surrounding zoning? What direction does the lot face? What are the current and future schools?

Note – Location truly is everything. This is one of those decisions in life, when you cannot make a mistake. Always, go heavy on your lot investment; you will never regret this decision.

3. Common Floor Plan? … Lost Opportunities

Creating drama is much easier when building a home from the ground up. Within your building plan, you must design and designate some areas of unique opportunities. This is where you will be able to create the drama in you home. You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money here, but you must think this process through.

The additional investment for a Tray Ceiling, Niche, Barrel Ceiling, Dome Ceiling, Unique Drywall Spaces, Dramatic Dining Room, or Grand Columned Entry Way, are minimal for what they can add to the total market value of your home.

Bring your Interior Design team together when you are drafting your floor plan. Their experience from previous projects and gift for great design can offer you a collection of ideas to introduce in your home. This additional step can ensure that you do not miss out on the many creative opportunities in the designing stage.

4. Is Your Custom Floor Plan Marketable? … Review Your Plan With An Architect

Custom floor plans are the Pinnacle of Home Building, but make sure that your dream home is marketable in the future. We have all seen floor plans that were not as well thought out, as they should have been.

If the floor plan for your dream home is truly unique, I would strongly encourage that you discuss your project with an Architect. They have the vision, to view a project from a perspective that is beyond what we can see.

Your project is too important not to go the extra mile, to get a second opinion from an Architect. Your floor plan must flow naturally, create opportunities for drama, and be marketable.

An Architect can see where there are potential problem areas, discover additional areas of opportunity, and suggest options that you may not have considered. Take advantage of their valuable insight and ideas, when you are drawing up your dream home.

Finally, someday, maybe sooner than you think, you will be selling your home. Could you sell your home tomorrow? Are there sufficient bedrooms for a variety of family sizes? What is it about your home that will generate Home Buyer’s knocking at your door?

Take the additional step to discuss your Home Plans and Home Design with an Architect. The added assurance they can bring to your Home Building Project will be well worth the time and any additional cost.

5. Lost In My Design Layers … Share A Coffee, With An Interior Designer

Once you have agreed on your floor plan, and have drafted your unique spaces or opportunities for drama, the next step is … Interior Design.

Here you will coordinate all of the layers of your Interior Design Project. This can be overwhelming at times. They will include wall colors and blends, style of carpet, unique wall finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishes, or Wall Paper.

Your choices will include, type of ceiling and drywall finish, knock down style, crows feet, orange peel or a Level 5 smooth finish. Your ceiling options can range from texture to an Italian Venetian Plaster, Tin Ceiling or a unique Italian Finish, layering a patina metallo effect.

Your selection of flooring, tile, marble or wood floor, choice of wood, style of doors, wood trim, lighting decisions, style of fixtures, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, counter top styles, granite or marble. All of these decisions are difficult. But more importantly, all of these design elements must flow congruently, to create a dramatic effect throughout your home.

Sometimes this can become overwhelming. Your Home Builder can help you with many of these decisions, but keep in mind, most Home Builders do not have a background in Interior Design. I would strongly encourage you to discuss your project with an Interior Designer. Ask around for names and referrals. Everybody loves to share a name, when they have had a great experience working with a designer.

Interview a few Interior Designers. Share your project with them, ask them about some of their previous work and discuss their fees. Most people do not think they can afford an Interior Designer, this is not true. Fees can vary from nothing, to an hourly fee or a percentage.

One final thought; make sure that the final effect is a collaborative decision, and one that you truly love. If you are not comfortable with an idea, then keep looking for other options. This is not the time to hold your opinion. Share your thoughts about the direction of the Interior Design Project. The best results are when all members of your design team, Home Owner, Home Builder, Interior Designer, Architect and Professional Decorative Artist are involved in this fun, yet challenging Interior Design process.

6. Electrical Decisions … I Wish I Would Have

This has to be high on the list of regrets for many homeowners. It is so hard to visualize all of the areas where you will have future electrical needs. During the holidays it may be a receptacle on the stair landing, front porch, or separate breakers for outside lighting.

Important – go through the seasons, reviewing how all areas of your home will be used. Will a bedroom someday become a future office? Garage receptacle locations, separate light switch for outside holiday lights, entry way outlets, deck or outside activities, TV/Internet locations, Plasma TV wall outlets, ceiling speakers, (note – the speaker you don’t put in will be the one you regret) outside deck speakers, correct location for main audio equipment, present and future wiring for speakers in your current and future media rooms.

Like many of us, who are serous about their media room, I would strongly encourage you to discuss your project with a Home Theater Specialist. Their expertise will ensure that your media room is ready for the present and future systems that are not on the market yet.

Another thing to keep in mind, is the importance of lighting. When you are staging a room to create a functional and dramatic effect, this must be well thought out. There are so many lighting options available today, whether it is a wall sconce, rope lighting in a tray ceiling, unique puck lighting or shadow lighting an area, which is being staged, before a room of opportunity.

These are not quick decisions to make, you must do your homework. Discuss the various lighting options available with your supplier of lighting fixtures. Also meet with your Home Builder, Interior Design, Architect, Electrical Contractor and if, you are fortunate, a talented lighting specialist in your area.

Important – Unfortunately, many times during the home building process, you will feel like you are being rushed through the various stages. Lighting decisions are one of those steps where you need to do your homework. If you invest the time, you will be well prepared when you get the phone call to meet with your Electrical Contractor.

7. Budget Blues, Not Designating Funds For … “The Wow Effect”

Everything in the Home Building Construction process will revolve around the target budget you have in place for your new home. But almost everyday, you will be confronted with new cost overrun decisions. Some of these can be challenging to make. Determine which items are high priority and which are low on your wish list. Everything is more expensive in the future, after you have built.

Keep in mind these words … Drama, Effect, and Staging. If you truly wish for your home, not to be like every other home in your area, then you must designate some of your budget for “The Wow Effect”.

The opportunities that you have drafted and designed into your floor plan will not create the dramatic effect, if you have not provided a budget to fund them.

We have all gone through the annual Home Builders Parade of Homes, and waited in line for the 1 or 2 homes, that truly understand “The Wow Factor”.

It is hard to describe its effect. It will stop you in your tracks. You will stop and stare, trying to absorb what you are seeing. All senses are kicking in. Conversations can be heard around you.

“Wow, look at this room, what is it?”

“I love the colors. What is the finish on the walls? It is almost translucent.”

“Wallpaper is coming back?… I loved it in the Powder Room.”

“The Shadow Lighting is perfect … Wow! What a great idea.”

“What is on the Ceiling. That is really something. Who did this?”

“Did you see the Barrel Ceiling finish, is that Italian Venetian Plaster?”

“Did you feel the Dining Room Walls? Cold like stone, but felt just like marble or granite… Wow!”

“I never thought of a having a Tin Ceiling in our office, that is so … Cool.”

“You have to see the Wine Cellar, what was that on the walls? Something you would see in ancient Rome”

“Did you notice the movement of the Bedroom Ceiling? What was that?”

The very best Home Builders and Interior Designers will try to include a room that will take your breath away. It is bold, but not brash. It can change your taste in an instant. You may be standing in front of something new that was not on your color palette before. Many of your likes and dislikes are falling by the wayside. The “Wow Factor” has now pushed you out of your comfort zone.

Where do you go from here? Many times when we find something new that we love, we are hesitant to ask questions. Unfortunately, most of us will not risk, or invest the time to learn more about it.

But some… will not hesitate. Some will take the first step to learn more. Grab a cup of coffee and invest some time contacting the Home Builders, Interior Designers, and Decorative Finish Artists on these “Wow Projects”. Meet with them and share your ideas about your Home Building Project.

This will be an important investment of your time. The best in their professionals are sometimes challenging to meet with. Their schedules are always busy, but stay with it. Your passion for your Home Building project will come through in your conversation, which will impress upon them your desire to create a dramatic project.

Building “Your Dream Home” is an important goal for most families. They will save for many years before they can finally achieve this dream. But a word of caution, the Home Building process can also be very stressful. Ask anyone who has every built before, they will echo this sentiment.

Almost everyday, you will be asked to make long term and sometimes critical, home design decisions. Your emotions can run the gambit, from highs to lows, as couples try to negotiate the many Home Building options.

So before, you begin the Home Building process, if you are married, I would strongly suggest that you discuss the following rule … “Preferably, over a Glass of Wine and some Great Italian Food.”

“The Marriage Saving, Home Building Rule”

“As a couple, if you cannot agree on a Home Building Decision, then wait on the decision. Sleep on it that night. The next day, begin to look for a better idea. You will not be as emotionally charged, and together, you will come up with a much better solution.

“When emotions are high and each side has dug in, you will be glad you have discussed this rule. This will give you a reason, to set aside a difficult Home Building decision, preventing it from becoming a much bigger issue than it really is. Trust me … It Works!

Finally, study your floor plan all the time. Carry it with you and try to visualize all of the activities in your new home. There are so many opportunities that you will miss, if you do not … “Live In Your Floor Plan”. Your new house is in constant motion. Your opportunities for any change in design are… very brief.

One last thing, always keep your eyes open for new Interior Design ideas and possibilities. Talk with your Home Builder, Interior Designers, Professional Faux Finishers or Decorative Artists and Friends, discussing your project. Always listen to the ideas and experiences other people have had building. You may not use all of them, but the few ideas you do use, may help to ensure that your dream home is well on the way to creating … “The Wow Effect”.

The “New Home Building Process” is a great experience. You will never forget the memories, the lessons, the laughs, and the new friendships you have made in this exciting chapter of your life. Enjoy this … Fun Walk!

Mark Nordgren –

Mark Nordgren specializes in the application of imported “Italian Venetian Plaster” and the dramatic “Italian Finishes”. As the of the few in the United States to be trained in the ancient techniques. His company “Bella Faux Finishes” has grown to be one of the leaders in the Midwest in Italian Venetian Plaster.

Although not an Interior Designer, just a passionate student of great Interior Design. He is a believer in the importance of using an Interior Designer on each project. Mark, with sons David and Michael, get the opportunity to work on some incredible projects in the Midwest.

Modernize Any Space With a New Lighting Trend – Recessed Wall

No matter the décor, recessed wall lights can brighten up a space with a subtle and elegant look. There are many placings for this type of lighting that will awe and inspire both the homeowners and their family and friends. It can also instantly add value to a home. Explore what can be done with this new type of lighting and be excited!


Gently light the way up and down a stairway for safety and beauty. Typically, recessed wall lights are placed every few steps just a few inches above the step itself. They come in a variety of styles and shapes so the homeowner can have fun choosing.


Hallways are inconspicuously illuminated with carefully placed recessed wall lighting. Sometimes, viewers believe these are tiny skylights especially if they are placed higher on the walls, and the bulb used is similar to UV light.

Hall recessed wall lighting can even go from the floor to the ceiling! This is a very dramatic effect that many love to incorporate. Bright and welcoming homes are much more valuable than others and this style certainly lends itself to that.

Media Room

Make the media room feel like a real movie theater when recessed wall lighting is implemented. Placed along the middle of the wall or higher they can even include a dimming option so they can be remotely lowered when the feature presentation starts!

This is a really cool effect for media rooms, and makes them all the more exciting. Styles can even feature a shade over them to make them even more classic.

Behind Art

Another new option for recessed wall lighting is to place it behind art pieces. The light will shine out from behind and draw viewers to it. It also makes it double as a sort of light fixture!

This has been seen behind metal and clay sculptures and even next to paintings. Use the imagination and see what a recessed light can do to add depth to any piece of artwork upon the wall.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, recessed wall lighting can go in many places. Popular options are above the bathtub and beside or above the mirrors. For bathrooms that have a separate, tiny area for the toilet a light within the wall is perfect, as it takes up no space. This is also true for half baths, and small guest bathrooms where they already feel a bit tight.

There are even options for inside the shower, just be sure that the recessed wall lighting is waterproof. This is a great way to make the shower eve more welcoming, and works perfect with those that have a rain shower head installed because there is no other space for a light.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens are often seen with recessed lighting in the ceiling, but now they are featuring it in the walls as well! Placed along the back splash is one popular area, also the dining area, and even inside the kitchen island are awesome.

There is truly no limit to where recessed wall lights can go. Homeowners worldwide are having fun with placement and enjoying the multitude of benefits that come along with it including architectural and functional. See how much interest and value can be added when this new element is incorporated into home design and upgrades and enjoy a brighter, happier space.

All About Out of Home Pharma Marketing

In today’s competitive atmosphere, pharmaceutical marketers make use of innovative means to reach target consumers. Leaving behind the traditional means of advertising, pharmaceutical advertisers are leveraging new segments of outdoor media by targeting places such as the train stations, airport terminals, bus stops and hoarding across the highways to draw the attention of prospective consumers. The out of home media has enabled advertisers to put together strategic, dynamic and cost-effective strategies that go way beyond the limits set by traditional marketing means.

The use of alternative means for complete branding and advertising applications are similar to those means adopted in the retail environment such as graphic displays on the counters and desk, wall graphics, graphic advertisements on the floor, indoor carpets and outdoor walkways. Alternative media advertising is defined as those forms of advertising that do not fit into standard means of broad casting or print media. Pharmaceutical companies are now making a drastic shift in marketing strategies by opting for non-traditional means of advertising to reach their target customer base in order to make their brands noticed in the market. Health centers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike are now turning their attention to the potential of out-of-home branding solutions to convey their message and promote their brand.

People spend most of their time away from home, especially while travelling to work, or buying groceries, taking a trip to the pharmacy. These places present a window of opportunity for out of home advertisements. The shift in the industries thought process has led to consumer awareness and massive information on the nook and corner of every street. This provides a two way benefit wherein the patient benefits from the information provided and the pharmaceutical companies who have now got a new platform to showcase their products.

The future of alternative media is very promising. The out of home advertisement concept is taking the medical marketing domain by storm. A recent study suggested that even though the average spending by pharmaceutical companies on traditional methods of advertising will continue to grow, the amount of expenditure on alternative out of home advertisement such as retail, online, mobile, bus stops, doctor waiting rooms static TV visuals, etc would continue to grow aggressively.

The pharmaceutical industry and their associative advertising firms recognize the change in people’s lifestyle and are constantly in search of new ways to capture the attention of the consumers. Pharmaceutical firms have seen the eroding target segment of traditional means of advertisement by print, radio and television and are focusing their attention on out of home way to advertise.

People spend most of their time outside of their homes and workplaces today. The paramount shift to out-of home advertising is partly due to a shift from traditional forms of advertising, such as television, radio, and print, and toward product branding and alternative media to improve brand differentiation and visibility. The new approach of direct-to-consumer marketing aims at capturing the attention of people who are already being treated by a doctor, or working out at the health center, as opposed to mass scale advertisement tactics such as television ads, direct mailers and print advertising, which attempt to reach the entire population.

One thing is certain, the out of home advertisement medical marketing and advertisement segment is here to stay and would continue to grow with organizations continuing to devote resources and increase their spending with the assured return of a devoted consumer following.

Voice Activated TV: Latest Version for Home Automation Technology

Voice activated television is the television that works on the voice recognition technology and is the latest version in the home automation technology. The technology has become so advanced that now you can manage audio, TV programs, movies, DVD’s and many other things.

This innovative technology is available for the people who are looking for the ultimate in the home automation device for their media center. With this technology we can save our time and can enjoy the media collection without even lifting a single finger.

Voice activated TV works with the Windows Vista/7 Home Media Center. This works in the certain distance so you have to be in the parameter so that it can work perfectly. This is a technology with wireless connection.

To make the Voice Activated TV work affectively, you have to follow certain things:

You have to place this in the center of the room so that there will be no obstacles for it to work. I know this is not possible to follow as we can’t adjust that in the center, still there are options that you can follow to make it working.

You can replace the antenna with a high- gain version. This will help in broadcasting signal in one direction only as the older version of antenna will waste the broadcasting strength by directing the signal into a solid brick wall.

There is a best solution however can be a costly one. You can use the repeater which will bounce the wireless signal even further. A repeater is a small piece of hardware that looks like standard router.

Purchase the router of the brand of the company, of which you are using the network adaptor in the media center. Sticking to the same company will help in showing the best performance.

A high quality voice activated TV remote should work on its own frequency which will ensure you less wireless noise.

The Dream Home – Smaller is Better?

Builders are starting to rethink the “dream home”. The luxury-home business is taking a big hit in today’s economy. The real estate market continues to slow making it hard to justify all of the “extras” that could otherwise be left out of home designs. Nashville Realty is following this trend just as many other cities are in the U.S.

Builders are now struggling to design homes that have the features buyers want, but don’t have the features buyers can live without. What do buyers want? Are fireplaces in Nashville really necessary? Do buyers want a butler’s pantry? Or can, and will they do without? It’s a guessing game for builders.

How does a builder create a home that buyers in a recession can afford? They don’t just make them simpler, they also make them smaller. The average size of the homes has gone from a peak 2,507 in 2007 sliding to 2,392 now, according to the Census Bureau. Builders all over the U.S. are designing more compact homes and reconsidering the homes features. Some builders are no longer incorporating fireplaces, rather designing a media wall in the great room. This is a good way to cut down on costs yet still have some special feature in a room.

Where and when did these luxury dream homes get so out of control-tons of space and tons of expensive interior finishes that require expensive maintenance. Homeowners were all about having homes that they could impress their friends with. Now, homes are being built more conservatively, but still very nice. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses anymore. Smaller and simpler is better. But there is a middle ground that builders must keep in mind. Buyers still want luxury, but these tough economic days are forcing us to find luxury at a lower cost.

What is going to happen to these McMansions that homeowners can no longer afford? Who will purchase these luxury homes for sale in Nashville?

Five Steps in Converting an Extra Room to a Media Room

Got that extra room in your home that you want to make full use? You can do so by converting it into a media or music room. You can build your own home theater and make that extra room more useful. This way, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies in the comforts of your own home.

A media room is every entertainment fan’s dream. It serves as a hideaway to indulge in songs, shows and games. The media room serves to lessen distractions interfering with enjoying the entertainment.

If turning an extra room into a media room appeals to you, following are some steps in what you should do.

1. Establish a clear idea of the media room you want before you buy the materials needed. Be able to decide on the main purpose of the room, if it is solely for film viewing purposes or as a multipurpose media room.

2. Sketch out a plan on how to utilize the whole space. You could consider adding additional beanbags for the children or a comfortable carpet as a play area for them. Consider the various gadgets to add in the room. You could add a karaoke machine or other game gadgets for entertainment. You could even put a bar inside where you can sip your favorite drinks while listening to music.

3. After establishing your plan, you can now proceed to buying materials, devices and furniture for your media room or home theater. Add surround speakers to complete the look and the effect. Find high-quality devices that last for a long time to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

4. Purchase the materials for the room. You can invest on elevated bleachers or comfortable couches for gatherings. Try to look for various accessories to enhance the beauty of the room.

5. Hire a technician to connect the cables and wires and all other wiring tasks. You can do the connection yourself as long as you are capable of doing so. Nevertheless, if you are unsure it is better to hire the services of a professional to avoid accidents.

6. After you have installed all the materials for your media room, you can start painting the walls and adding drapes or carpets. Select a dark color for the walls to lessen light reflected on the movie area.

A well-planned media room gives a considerably improved sound experience. This is due to the layout of the parallel room, which lessens standing waves.

The steps above are only a few of the many ways of changing or converting a spare room into a luxurious home theater or a comfortable media room. By applying these steps in your room conversion, you will be able to experience maximum joy and pleasure from watching your favorite films, listening to your favorite CD’s or playing your favorite video games. Remember, nothing is more fulfilling than enjoying the theater comforts and enjoyment without going out of the house and spending your hard-earned money paying for the theatre. You can even order a food delivery service if you feel like it.

Homes With Media Rooms – Is it For You?

Media Room

Because Los Angeles is the home of media celebrities, it stands to reason that many of them would have media rooms in their homes so that they can watch, or listen, to their favorite media in style.

Very people have as glamorous and fashionable as the late Aaron Spelling, whose house had both a separate media room and screening room. The screening room looks very much like just another large living room. That is, until a switch is flipped. Suddenly, all the windows have shutters that come down, some pictures move revealing projectors, and a super large screen that comes up from the floor.

Most other media rooms aren’t quite that lavish, but each has its own sense of style. Media rooms are often in secluded areas of the house, mainly in the basement because extra acoustics don’t have to be built in. Some are built like movie theaters; others are built like family rooms. Some have surround sound in them, while others only have two speakers in front of them. Some people like to combine their media rooms into a full activity room, where they can have pool tables, bars, games, and even popcorn.

Media rooms are built mainly for sound quality, because people love to hear whatever it is they want to hear. Some people love to hear their explosions loud. Some people want to make sure they can understand what everyone is saying. Some people love having sounds coming at them from all angles, as if they’re a part of what’s going on. Many media rooms have the speakers built into the walls, so that wires are hidden from view.

This doesn’t mean the visual part isn’t taken into account. If someone loves watching movies, they like to capture the experience. Some people build cushioned seating in the house, maybe 4 seats in a row, while others, wanting to have visitors come over, will build anywhere from 8 to 16 seats, layered like a movie theater. Popcorn adds to the movie experience, but in today’s world, projection screens, which are high definition, can be built so that television can also be watched on these separate big screens.

Unfortunately, not that many celebrities will show their media rooms off when they’re trying to sell them, so it’s hard to do a full comparison of different types. One celebrity that did, besides Aaron Spelling’s wife Candy, is Mary J. Blige, who showed off a media room with 12 chairs that look like regular living room furniture, but in three tiers of four chairs each, with movie posters from the past lining the walls. It’s only a media room; no games or other distractions.

However, many other celebrities do list media rooms as a part of their homes, whether they’re up for sale or for rent. Some of those names looking for action at the present time include Courtney Love, Michelle Johnson, Ashton Kutcher (his bachelor pad, where he lived before marrying Demi Moore), Mams Taylor, and Alan Thicke.

The best part about this, though, is that whether a house already has a media room or not, most people who can afford to buy houses even in the $500, 000 range can probably afford to have a room converted into a media room if they really wanted one. In today’s world, it may cost less than $10,000 to outfit a room with a 46″ flat screen TV, surround sound system, and comfortable chairs or couches for seating.

Metal Wall Art Decor

Wall art décor is an easy and popular way to accent any room. It will add character and uniqueness to any space. There are many options ranging from paintings, prints, sketches, and photos to sculptures and 3D art made from a variety of media including different metals such as copper and steel to plaster and wood.

With all the different styles and media out there, you have many choices to find what works best for your home or office. Paintings, prints and photos seem to be the most common, mostly because they are everywhere and more readily available. Adding more atmosphere and appeal to a room requires something that can’t be easily matched or just found anywhere. Finding wall art and decor that is rare and not seen every day is what makes any room stand out from the rest.

Metal is an art media that is unparalleled. It adds class, character and distinctiveness to any room. Custom and one-of-a-kind handmade metal art cannot be imitated or easily copied It is unrivalled in the art industry and adds elegance and style to any room or wall. In today’s more modern looking spaces, metal wall art and décor is very fashionable adding sophistication to the modern living space or office. It draws notice from anyone entering the room and can be the center of attention or conversation starter.

Metal art can be made from an assortment of steel, copper, brass, tin, wrought iron, gold, and silver to name a few. It can be an abstract piece, or 3D wall hanging offering a distinct look different from the everyday flat painting or photo. Metal art can be a free-standing piece, framed wall art, or even an unframed hanging piece or sculpture. Metal art can be made with abstract features, clean lines, or combination giving to a variety and wide assortment of options to highlight your favorite living space or office. With its variety of warm tones and textures, metal art adds diversity to an area and makes the space exceptional and matchless to any other room.

We see paintings everywhere. Everyone has a photo hanging on the wall. Metal art is unique, uncommon and original. It adds and exceptional feel to any space. With its one-of-a-kind beauty and distinctive designs, it will change any ordinary room to an outstanding one. Let your living spaces or office speak with personality. Get away from the mundane and commonality we see everywhere with copied photos and paintings. Invest in some metal art and start making your rooms unique and enjoyable spaces.

Start Planning a Media Room That Will Awe and Inspire

If this is the year to get that amazing home theater or media room that the whole family can enjoy, along with friends then this is the perfect place to start planning. There’s no reason to stress about it! Deciding what style will work best within the provided space is the first step.

There’s no doubt that it will be set up and ready to go for a big movie premiere, game or other event that can serve as the perfect reason to show it off with a big get together. There are plenty of modern elements to include contemporary TV stands, shelving and other furnishings to complete it.


Of course, the first thing to take into consideration when planning a media room or home theater is where will it be located? Once that’s decided, one can figure how much space they have to work with. Specs are crucial to the layout and effectiveness of the room. Not only does it have to look stunning but it has to work as far as being viewable by all, having the best acoustics and of course being extremely comfortable.

Some can use an existing room while others may need to consider an addition to their home. Technology, luxury seating and of course sound control all come into play when it comes to arranging the perfect home theater experience. Shopping for a contemporary TV stand and other décor that suits what one envisions is directly dependent on the dimensions of the room.


Consider what elements for entertaining will be included. Some things that people enjoy adding include:

• Full HD
• Blu-ray surround sound
• A bar
• Popcorn maker
• Wall lighting
• Reclining seats
• Gaming capabilities

Teens and “big kids” love taking their gaming experience to a whole new level within a well laid out media room. There are contemporary TV stands that accommodate the various gaming systems as well as the TV and other media components.


The technology needed for a new media room or home theater is a huge decision. For example, size of the TV. Most feel a television that is at least six to ten-feet wide is necessary for a stunning feel. Many choose a retractable screen and projector in a home theater to make it feel even more realistic; while some just secure a contemporary TV stand and a bit of a smaller television for their media room, though there are stands that accommodate larger.

An easy way to pick the right screen size for the room in question is to be able to sit back from the TV in an area that’s about 2-3 times the screen size of the television and still enjoy an optimal viewing. Those who don’t consider this when choosing a TV and contemporary TV stand will be duly disappointed at the results.

In a home theaters or media room it’s important to choose the screen size based on the shape or “aspect ratio” of the television. The right aspect ratio usually depends on the kind of programs members of the household enjoy watching.


When it comes to sound, the minimum for any space is a 5.1 surround sound system. Do not skimp on the audio system for a media room or home theater. Many feel that sound is even more important than picture. When setting up a budget, take that factor into consideration. Be sure to choose a contemporary TV stand that will accommodate the sound components as well. Placement is important, too. Some wish to consult with a professional home theater company to get the best advice.


The decorative elements one adds to their home theater or media room center mostly around comfort. A plush couch or recliners are the top choices for seating. Accent tables and cabinets to store drinks and snacks are important. Stick to one color scheme to keep it looking sharp. Motorized shades are impressive when it’s show time, and automatic dimming lights that can be controlled while seated are nice.

Be sure any elements are out of the way so they won’t obstruct any path while the lights are low. A contemporary TV stand can be made to be mounted on a wall so that it’s not a tripping hazard. Some even install floor lighting to capture the true theater feel. All in all, have fun with it!